Top Rated Dog Food

Choosing your dogs food is important.  You dogs health will be as good as the food that goes in her bowl. 

Wandering the aisles of a dog food store can be very overwhelming.  There a hundreds of choices and price ranges.  Every option from dry dog food, and canned dog food,  to frozen Raw dog food is available.  Woof Life has chosen the very best brands of the top rated dog foods.  With so many opinions and myths floating around it's good to have an expert to guide you.  Our certified nutritionists take the worry away and will assure you have made the very best choice.
While we are not veterinarians we work closely with many traditional and integrative veterinarians. The veterinarians we work with understand the nutritional guidelines of a dogs and cats.  With their guidance and our knowledge of brands, quality, and ingredients, we can craft diets for dogs with special health requirements such as allergies and diagnosed medical conditions.



Raw Dog Food:


A nutritionally balanced, biologically appropriate ancestral raw diet is ranked among the top food types by Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, one of the country's most respected vets on animal nutrition, health and wellness. We selected our manufacturers because we seek to bring only responsibly sourced, human-grade, grain-free options to our customers.  Most importantly, no ingredients from China. 


Answers |Bones & Co |Northwest Naturals | Primal | Raw Bistro |Small Batch |Vital Essentials



Cooked Dog Food:


Woof Life is the only local retailer offering nutritionally balanced Cooked food for dogs. We work with Crown Point-based, Always Real Food (ARF!), because it is kitchen-prepared, whole food using only healthy, fresh ingredients such as grass fed lamb, free range turkey and organic vegetables and fruits.  No artificial or synthetic additives, ever.

ARF | Small Batch |Raised Right


Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried Pet Food:


Similar to raw, dehydrated or freeze-dried raw food is not processed at high-temperatures so it retains its nutritional value and is biologically appropriate when water is added.  Woof Life selected these manufacturers because of their high quality standards.

Open Farm | Small Batch | Vital Essentials |Northwest Naturals |Grandma Lucy's


Canned Dog Food:


Woof Life is extremely selective when choosing the commercially prepared dog and cat food that resides on our shelves.  We look for brands that use USDA inspected, human-grade ingredients and only carry products that are nutritionally balanced and grain-free.


  Koha | K9 Natural | Identity I  Rawz |Weruva | Zignature

Dry Dog Food:

Essence |Stella & Chewy's |Rawz |Open Farm | Zignature